Breaking news: Journalism is dead!

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ok. I needed a catchy title for this post, and yes, I do not think that journalism is dead, but I do think that most journalists will be, if they do not understand what is going on in this new … Continue reading

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Applying the Agile Development Methodology to Funding: an open letter to Donors

I have discussed in my previous blog post the possible application of the Agile Development methodology to development projects, and specifically to ICT4D projects. Now the next question is, why is this methodology not being used, even if its value … Continue reading

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An Agile Development Manifesto for ICT4D projects

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Almost a year ago, while chatting with a good friend of mine Alessandro Cinelli, I discovered the Agile Development Manifesto. Since then I have been thinking about it and had the fortune to meet Jacopo Romei, an Agile Coach, working … Continue reading

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Towards the design of a communication with affected communities model

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Several weeks ago something incredible has been released by Infoasaid that seems to have passed under silence. Infoasaid is a DFID-funded project that is being implemented by a consortium of two media development organisations – Internews and BBC Media Action. The … Continue reading

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The very first Humanitarian “Customer Calling Center”

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Several weeks ago I had the fortune to meet with Fatuma Abdulahi, Communications Officer for Accountability for the Danish Refugee Council (DRC), the person behind the HIF project called “Piloting Accountability Systems for Humanitarian Aid in Somalia”, in partnership with UNICEF through the … Continue reading

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Integrating Local Media and ICTs into Humanitarian Response in Central African Republic

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[This blog post os cross posted on the Ushahidi blog] It is done. I have been dreaming about this project for the past 2 years and today, I am incredibly proud to announce the launch of the Internews Crisis Map for Central … Continue reading

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Why Android it not (really) the future of mobile apps

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I have been wondering in the past year were Josh Nesbit (blogging here) was, after stepping back from FrontlineSMS and finally concentrating fully on Medic Mobile. Then, one week ego, he suddenly appeared in Nairobi, and I could not miss the opportunity … Continue reading

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The Facebook Strategy

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Two years ago I was working in Egypt for a local organization. In the three months I spent there I worked with 4 bloggers which I will not mention here. One of the most interesting thing that they thought me … Continue reading

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A post on terminology: get it right or shut up!

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I know I am not the best and most diplomatic person ever ever when it comes to arguing about things that I know about. On the other side I am also a big fan of the theory that if you … Continue reading

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Crisis Mapping and Cybersecurity – Part III: security is knowledge

In the discussion we had at ICCM on crisis mapping security, we discussed about what are the scenarios where we can see the issue of security arising for a crisis mapping project. According to me those are 4: The case … Continue reading

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