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Launching the Humanitarian Information Dashboard

Blog post originally published on Current methods of collating and monitoring information in emergencies are time-intensive and do not allow us to track trends, gaps, or insights over time. Internews’ experience in working with local media in emergency situations … Continue reading

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Learning from Kenya: using SMSs for a rapid response mechanism in Central African Republic

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One of the biggest problem right now in Central African Republic is the perception in the two different communities, Christian and Muslims, that the two fighting movements, the Seleka and the Anti-Balaka, are the same thing than the communities themselves. … Continue reading

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Bluetooth is the Facebook of Central African Republic

[Cross posted from the Internews Centre for Innovation & Learning website] It has been 2 years since I have been in Bangui. It is exactly how I remembered it: dusty, noisy, chaotic and fascinating.  On the way from the airport … Continue reading

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Social Media for Local Media and NGOs

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In the last year, working as an Advisor for several organizations I have been training lots of journalists, mainly in small local community media, like community radio stations, and NGOs, on how to use social media for their work. One things … Continue reading

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Opening up the Open Data Movement

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In the past year I have been attending a lot of conferences on Open Data and had several discussions with people, from the World Bank to the United Nations, on the IATI standard and how Open Data is (or not) … Continue reading

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The failure of the Cybersecurity community

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I have been looking at the cyber-security space for quite some time now. I have been myself a victim of my own inability to protect myself online, a mistake that I am still paying for. On the other side I … Continue reading

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Why the emergency will not be twitted

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I have meant to write this blog post since very long time. But I never did since I realized that I am not sure I know what exactly I want to say on the matter. So, take this blog post for … Continue reading

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Social Media for Emergencies 101

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2 weeks ago I was invited to lead a seminar for the Communication with Disaster Affected Communities Network (CDAC) in collaboration with Greg Barrow from the World Food Program (WFP). The seminar was aimed at helping humanitarian organizations to understand … Continue reading

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The conundrum of digital humanitarianism: when the crowd does harm

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We saw this coming. It’s like when you start sniffing and coughing and you know the real flu is coming. And you know you cannot do anything about it, because even if you take a very strong aspirin, it is … Continue reading

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Kenya Westgate Mall Attack: social media sources

There are times when you feel useless. Those times when you realize that it could have been you, but it is not, and you realize that sometime, randomness is what makes the difference. The Westgate situation is one of those … Continue reading

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